Angela Fontnette

17.02.2021 23:58

Finally I see that I can comment on your page it is so great to see and know you post Bishop Bronner I said wow I share him with others a lot I listen the other day I do from when I need a word wow n

Tammy Whittaker

17.02.2021 14:43

Thanks for sharing this website with me the other day. I am going to be a new woman of God serving the people of this world with my faith and powers. I can and will do all things in Christ Jesus. I am

Christopher Hutton

16.02.2021 02:47

I thank God for sending good people and angels into my life everyday now. I will serve God and help my brother's and sisters in Christ with word's of God everyday. Ty Bert.

Gilberto Flores

14.02.2021 03:48

Afternoon to you Bert. I don't know what you told my wife today at the store! Whatever it was must have been powerful! She came home another woman of shock and joy! I hope to shake your hand one day!

Samantha J.

12.02.2021 03:28

This just woke me up! Thanks for sharing Mr. Bert Gines. I really feel that God wrote these words for me to read. God is always with us who trust him. I'm no longer on drugs! I'm happy again everyday!

Terrell Bonds

12.02.2021 03:13

Bert thanks for posting this homie every time i told someone my good news coming something always happens and i never got it i understand now i am going to stop telling evil ass people my business

Fernando G.

07.02.2021 21:59

Afternoon Bert. I met you at the shopping center today with my family. I want to thank God for sending you at the right time! I know i am stronger then any evil spirits! I am the powers of God! I am!

Geraghty N

07.02.2021 04:19

Bert thank you for the message the other night brother your right when you said evil money is given by satan to the weak without them knowing strong money is for God people who seek 2 build us up as 1

Pam and Mike Olsen

06.02.2021 00:37

Thank you so much Bert for sharing this information with me and my family! God has blessed you to visit us that day in the parking lot. Thank you lord Jesus!

Christina Floggers

04.02.2021 00:58

I have a question mr. Bert! Do I have to show my church my paystubs every 2 weeks to prove how much i am making? Does this sound like a real church πŸ€” please help me understand what this is! Thank you

Bert Gines

05.02.2021 03:18

Wow! If you have to pay to hear God's voice or message; that's satan working the system of evil! Jesus already paid your way to the father! Call on the holy spirit to free you from evil workers today!

T Rell

01.02.2021 22:03

Big bert i pray all is good wit u bro. Thanks for sharing this page wit me i will be sharing this wit the lil homies reach out to us if you ever need us fam you a good dude in uniform we thanks you

Bert Gines

05.02.2021 03:25

Lol πŸ˜† thanks for sharing! God bless you all with many blessings to come and great wisdom of his heavenly kingdom in the blood of Jesus Christ Amen+++ God Is Always Good To Us!

Relli Mike

02.02.2021 02:30

like b said the other day. The b s media and newspapers print sh!t to keep us in fear and angry at each other in the world. These people r satan worshippers we are waking up to come for yo ass satan.

Officer's of God

31.01.2021 05:52

Hey Bert, officer' Davis here brother. Myself and the team will like to say thank you for sharing this with us. If you ever need us for any reason; call us! We pray your security business is well. TY

Bert Gines

05.02.2021 03:21

Thank all of you! All is well in Jesus mighty name! God bless you guys! You're always in my heart and prayers! Good Is Always Good To The Good Amen+++

Emily Patterson

31.01.2021 09:21

I couldn't help but comment. I thank god for all people in uniform of any kind for keeping our communities strong and safe of evil people who need Jesus. God bless you all everyday . We love you allπŸ’—

U. Franklin

27.01.2021 22:44

I pray everyday that God will reward all evil people with poverty and curses for the rest of their lives. God bless your people with the holy spirit in the blood of Jesus everyday. Bless

Bert Gines

27.01.2021 22:52

Afternoon brother. Not all people are evil. Some get talked into evil deeds just to keep money in their pockets and a roof over their heads. Many are lost and can be found with our prayers to the lord

Clair L.

27.01.2021 21:16

I've been writing down my wants and prayers; then burning the paper like you told us t. Everything has been mind blowing! It really does work! Blessings keep coming! We all love you Bert! God is good!

kenny p f

27.01.2021 21:40

Man i know this for sure my dude bert is the only man of god i know that gave me complete change in my life and didn't have his hand out for a donation i am living good now wit things i own love you b

Patricia mollens

25.01.2021 08:44

Evil people are uneducated,weak,and stupid the devil knows this about them thats why he can control their minds so easily God is coming from them I know I pray for them

Bert Gines

28.01.2021 05:05

If they willfully know and seek out evil spirit's and work with them! Yes, they are what you stated. Others are for us to help with love, & break free of evil spirit's & people in their lives!! Amen+

mario v

23.01.2021 22:40

I use to think I was badass because I had friends with money I broke from these people because they did evil sh@# 2 have died weeks apart im now good brother

Bert Gines

24.01.2021 00:34

People use other people to spread the devil lie's that money is power! Money is a system only! The devil tricks people into killing there soul's for worthless paper! God is Rich!

JB Peterson family

23.01.2021 07:52

Thank you for sharing this with me and my family I have a new car and job because of these words you wrote much love to you homie

Bert Gines

23.01.2021 23:54

Very welcome! God bless all his people in this world! Prayers be with you.

Betty Sanchez Blevins

21.01.2021 15:07

You truly want good for everyone and escape for those who suffer under darkness.
Thank you, Bert. πŸ™πŸΌ πŸ˜‡

Bert Gines

22.01.2021 00:59

Everyday is a choice. What people do with the message is up to them. I no longer look at my clock. I'm now looking at my calendar πŸ“† TYπŸ™

S. Williams jr.

21.01.2021 05:58

Wow! Why don't churches talk and teach us these things? This opened my eyes for real brother bert! Thank you!

Bert Gines

22.01.2021 00:52

Some churches are not churches πŸ˜‚ it's a business for profit 😳 God said the church is in You! Teach my people and send them out into the world to spread the good news. Follow no man or woman! Call on

fernanda dill

20.01.2021 04:18

God has sent you in my path, and its at the perfect time. I really needed it. Thank you.

Bert Gines

20.01.2021 08:07

You are very welcome! Tell others What God can, and will do, if they pray in faith. GOD Bless You!

Nolan Sr.

15.01.2021 10:32

Hey Bert, I was a bit afraid when you gave us the fragrance to run off evil spirit's from our house the other day. You were spot on what would happen if we put it on before praying the prayer you gave

Bert Gines

15.01.2021 23:51

Afternoon to you. I completely understand! I always bless everything I give to others+++ The sweet smell attracts the heavenly angles of God+++ Just the same. A foul smell attracts bottomless spirits

Jose Lopez

15.05.2020 03:13

Hello Bert you helped me out a while back I was wondering how I could contact you again! Thank you!

Beto Wilson

17.01.2020 20:42

Thank you for everything you have done for me, I am on another spiritual level and I feel the connection with I, I never gave up on I.

D Tillie

19.12.2019 05:25

Thanks for sharing your website 😊 God bless you my friend πŸ™ Bert true facts indeed! Keep up the good works brother!

Jen V.

31.05.2019 17:03

God bless you! In believing I Am who I Am, I Am going to move forward and up!
Thank you for "seeing" me. Thank you for helping me to see who I Am! You're Guardian Angel who saved me!

J. Carpenter

09.09.2018 17:35

I so needed this information! Thank you for your kind words Bert. You gave me free wisdom without asking me to pay you for it. God put you in my path at Market Creek. I feel good I Am a child of God!

banny j

20.07.2018 17:59

big bert I wanted to thank you g for that talk you gave me at food 4 less the other day you were on point wit it all its time for a change in me I know I can do like you said website on point thanks

peter h.

17.05.2018 07:32

thank you so much. I needed this information tonight. I wish you well bert may god carry us all as you said. my tears right now is of joy my friend. pete

Elvie M.

15.05.2018 00:33

Thank you so much bert for your help! My son is doing great now, God sent you to Jacobs center to us all last week! GB U, :) Thanks Bert!


03.03.2018 10:53

This Is Kionna I met you about a week and a half ago! And ever since then the weirdest most Real things & Feelings have been occurring! I just had the weirdest cloud pop up in the sky forming messages

Sara Gomez

04.12.2017 10:43

I now know the difference between a preacher versus a teacher. Thank you Jacobs for all of your love to make our city great again for me my kid's future. I love God and our San Diego community change

Jeremy T.

04.12.2017 09:20

Thanks you so much Bert! God blessed you to bring us information we have been seeking and praying for. My wife's mall business is doing great as you said it would. You re in our hearts Bert. Thanks.

Jimmy Moore

21.11.2017 02:14

I am the way the light and truth trust in believe in yourself I no I am God bless

meek milson southeastern resident

18.11.2017 18:06

god bless you bert and the jacobs center for what you guys are doing to help people
i got that new car you told me about last night :) be blessed brother bert meek

Marvin J

13.09.2017 05:38

Thank you for the uplifting conversation today bert you told me if I came to this website I would become a new and blessed changed man I know understand what you were telling me god thank you & bert

Community Resident of SE San Diego

06.09.2017 04:02

I think it is so great that MR. Jones I think he's ceo in Jacobs center. I know he has brought in good people and staff to help our adults and kids Thanks for sharing the helpful videos and words GB

Allen Guang

23.08.2017 01:38

Thank you so much Bert! I wish we had more people in uniforms like you brother! I receive every word you spoke this afternoon in the parking lot! I needed that so much! God knows! Thank you Bert! TU

Clarence Courtney

30.07.2017 04:15

Very powerful and I have been riding in claiming and calling it to me so I'm just waiting on the most high to deliver

Andrew Silverton

08.07.2017 19:48

Afternoon bert. I thought you very strange at first,Lol. I would like to apologize for my evil thoughts. two of the things you said would happen last week just happened. Thank you so much! God Bless

Mrs Lois Graham

09.06.2017 17:34

I want to thank you Bret for giving me this card the other day at food 4 less. I so needed this! Thank you, thank you so much! I thank the Jacobs center and all who are making our community better! LG

L. Perry Sr.

24.05.2017 03:52

Hi Bert. Can me and my wife set up a time with you at your office at the jacob center? We will be happy to pay you for your time for teaching us this power and how to use it in a godly way. L. Perry

Bert Gines

24.05.2017 19:39

I have a security contract with JCNI. We can have lunch at Market Creek Plaza mall.
I do not, and will not charge anyone for something that is completely free and yours to have and enjoy :) call me.

M. Ramirez

22.05.2017 00:54

I wish we had more polite and helpful security people around the world as I have in my community. We all thank you Burt and your team of officers at the market creek plaza. You all are sent from God.

Juan Carlos Hernandez

31.03.2017 15:15

The staff and officers have been terrific. Their professionalism creates a feeling of unity and being welcome. They greet the residents and visitors alike.

Monique Miles

13.02.2017 07:48

Meeting people doesn't happen by mistake. People are sent to you and taken from you, but it's not by fault. (i) believe in the power of the Universe.

Robin James

06.02.2017 22:20

I do believe everything being said here is the truth and I will see you soon..........

Terrell Bonds

14.11.2016 05:35

This is great stuff! I'm happy we stop by the food4less and ran into you Bert! I was praying for some answers and you showed up. How you knew I was having problems was heaven sent to help me. thanks

palomia evans

28.10.2016 07:09

my son told me that your company paid for his bus pass the other day. he is trying to do better. it is great what is going on at the Jacob center. how can I be of help at the Jacob please reply thanks

Dr. Wilkins T.

12.10.2016 07:39

This is great stuff! It says a lot on how you, and your company conducts business at The Jacobs Center. We need more places like the Jacobs Center in San Diego. I will visit soon. Thank you Bert!

Jose g

04.10.2016 05:54

Thank you bert for your kind words & time inside food4less yesterday . I feel great & powerful every time I read the words on this site. I started the videos now. I know I am strong like you said I am

Gabriel F.

23.09.2016 06:35

I so needed this Bert! I thank you for being so kind to me when I was so angry towards you. Thank you so much for your kind heart. Real talk bro Gabriel

Bert Gines

23.09.2016 21:55

You Are very welcome.

Latest comments

21.11 | 02:36

I want to thank God for you Bert. I've been writing things down on paper every night. Amazing thing's have been coming to us every other day now. God bless us all in Jesus Christ. Amen

07.11 | 05:05

GOD I ask you to bless bert gines everyday as he goes out into this world to bless people with your messages and powers. I thank you God for choosing me to be apart of your holy spirit! We love you JC

28.10 | 04:10

Good or evil. I love all people in this world. I forgive πŸ™ known, or unknown people against me doing God's work delivering messages and casting down evils & releasing people from curses. I β™₯ U All

28.10 | 02:44

You are a blessing to us πŸ‘ͺ in Jesus name! My writing my wants on paper has been a great experience Bert! I keep having this feeling that God is about to punish those who don't like you helping others

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