Tom C

15.09.2016 21:06

Bert, thank you and your team for making such a great positive difference for residents visiting Market Creek Plaza. Please know you are appreciated.

Bert Gines

18.09.2016 08:44

We thank you 10 times over very much Tom for your big role in the community change as well! When you stop by The plaza again, lunch is on us :) God bless you, Bert

Shanetta Williams

15.09.2016 19:50

thank you very much burt I don't know what you told my son the other day at food 4 less he has been polite and helpful to us now god bless you burt

Bert Gines

15.09.2016 20:02

Good Morning Mrs. Williams :) Thank you for the update on him. I only gave him the card and I told him he could have a great life. Please take a look in the pages. I power is the reasons

Jennifer L.

14.09.2016 00:35

Bert I had a talk with you 2 months ago at the Jacob center outside. everything you told me came true! I write in my book everyday! I no longer drink and I have a studio apt. I work at Wal Mart now :)

Bert Gines

14.09.2016 00:44

That is very great news to hear. Please teach other young kids and adults in the southeastern San Diego community what you are learning. You now have the power to become & do anything you put mind to.

Gamely T

22.07.2016 07:46

Thank you so very much for the card and kindness. Grateful information! This is Mr. Gamely. You talk with me at the Jacob center at our event. Great speaking with you Bert. This website will help me

T W.

24.07.2016 07:16

bert is truly a good man of all. I use to be a blood gang member in south east with nothing to call my own in life. after taking the card from bert I now have my own condo car & new woman thanks bert

anthony sanchez

22.07.2016 07:53

I'll never forget the words bert shared with me at star bucks! I hope he will soon be doing the on stage speaking at the Jacobs center soon. I will be there thank you bert peace

Madeline C.

26.06.2016 17:29

I went to the market creek plaza to look for you brother Bert but couldn't locate you. I enjoyed the plaza very much! Thank you again for the videos and writing tips. it has help me open my own doors.

Latest comments

21.11 | 02:36

I want to thank God for you Bert. I've been writing things down on paper every night. Amazing thing's have been coming to us every other day now. God bless us all in Jesus Christ. Amen

07.11 | 05:05

GOD I ask you to bless bert gines everyday as he goes out into this world to bless people with your messages and powers. I thank you God for choosing me to be apart of your holy spirit! We love you JC

28.10 | 04:10

Good or evil. I love all people in this world. I forgive 🙏 known, or unknown people against me doing God's work delivering messages and casting down evils & releasing people from curses. I ♥ U All

28.10 | 02:44

You are a blessing to us 👪 in Jesus name! My writing my wants on paper has been a great experience Bert! I keep having this feeling that God is about to punish those who don't like you helping others

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