Tabatha Paswelao - God is about to do something!

25.01.2022 03:24

I ask the lord before I die to increase the wealth of his people πŸ™ I pray in jesus name the he will make the evil rich poor for as long as they serve satan and evil spirits. I pray they will change

Terrell Bonds. No disrespect to you bert. just ask

25.01.2022 03:12

I'm not going be evil by saying if god gave us powers to ask for help cursing evil people, what's the point of having powers & don't use them? I wish all evil would lose all their money πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘ πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

I won't wait for karma to return. I love you Jesus

23.01.2022 23:35

Hi Bert if I Know the names of people and a organization who hires uber dirvers and kids to do evil things. Is it okay to ask the angels of God to expose them and then can I place a curse on them all?

Bert Gines

24.01.2022 04:02

Just so you know, once you place this curse on hidden evil people; it can't be reversed or changed! It won't be broken unless they repent in Jesus name! Bad Things's Will Start Fast On Written Names!!

It is written this day and hour, behold I say

23.01.2022 05:07

In Jesus name, I curse every evil eyes that looks in the eyes πŸ‘€ of God's people with 40 years of darkness here on this earth. Everything they say or do will crumble and shatter until you repent Jesus

Bert Gines

23.01.2022 07:44

Please be very careful!!! When you send a curse out to a person, it could be passed down to their family and bloodline! God gave up powers; use them wisely with understanding! Ask God for wisdom πŸ™ Ty

I bless you all with 500 years of God's holy gifts

22.01.2022 03:14

God is about to touch the hearts πŸ₯° and mind's of his people soon! Keep asking God for everything! Write ✍️ down your desired things you want in your life! It's time to see his work's & love in Jesus.

Colitis K

21.01.2022 04:24

Like you Bret. I have this feeling that evil spirits are about to do some horrible things to the unbelievers, and evil people in this world. It makes me feel sad to the point of crying. Pray for allπŸ™

Bert Gines

21.01.2022 05:59

It's real! Trust when I say it is so. Do good, it catches up to you! Do evil, it catches up to you! Everything we say & do is a choice of our own. God's angles are here too, to protect God's holy ones

Shanna Taylor

17.01.2022 23:57

I don't feel sorry for evil people. They work and do evil things everyday. They only feel sorry for something when they get get caught; even that's a lie 99 percent of the time. You get what you give

I wish the worst for evil people in this earth

18.01.2022 00:08

I really wish to God that he will rain down very dark days on the evil people and their evil bloodline who love money, greed, and sins. I wish them hell on earth until they repent. I curse them all!

Evil doesn't need the help of many. Watch, See!

17.01.2022 19:28

It is satan who going to take all the wealth of his followers, weak, lost, and none believers of good and evil. The time's are coming to pass he doesn't need them anymore as mature adults. Pray 4 All

Valerie Hernandez

17.01.2022 17:50

Lord you said my words will not come back void. I pray in Jesus name that all of the wealth of the wicked be stripped away however you see fit. Thank you father for hearing my voice πŸ’“ amen πŸ’“πŸ™

Bert Gines Heavens Gates Are Now Opening

17.01.2022 17:12

The time is at hand brothers and sisters. Those chosen by God will soon see his blessings every day for the rest of your lives. Talk to God in secret everyday. Make many request in Christ Jesus name +

T. A

17.01.2022 17:36

I pray to you father God in Jesus name that you will send down your holy angels and expose the wicked and wipe out all the wealth given to them by the devil in exchange for sins. Restore them Lord now

We have powers over evil people and spirits πŸ™‚

17.01.2022 03:09

Evil Spirits, you were sent my way by a persons voice, and body you call home - I command you in Jesus name to return to these people forever and give them hell as you roam - in or outside, you reside

I command this curse to start as of now πŸ™ŒπŸ’Έ

17.01.2022 02:37

In Jesus Christ name, I rebuke & cast a a curse of crumble and banishment, hard times and dust, on any evil man or woman who comes against my lord's people for 500 years handed down to your blood amen

Alaondro Ochoa

17.01.2022 02:44

WOW! I'm glad I gave up that sinful life satan had me in a long time ago. Money is not power it's just used to influence someone to do that the one paying won't do themselves. Real talk. I'm good now!

Maryanne Kettner

17.01.2022 02:21

I come into total agreement 🀝 God bless you whoever wrote this! Satanic anything not of God I want to see go to hell in Jesus name forever. Return Lord and chain them now 🀣 they've had their time!πŸ•œ

Bless 1 bless all, in Jesus name I stand tall, ame

16.01.2022 10:53

My powers in Jesus name is a free gift 🎁 from God. I come into agreement πŸ™ that this is true, as I say yes Lord and nod. I have powers to do all things, whatever I pray for is what my voice bring,

Come 1 come all, evil I rebuke, down you fall

16.01.2022 05:37

Satan & his followers came to destroy, steal, & commit many crimes, this very hour we curse Satan & evil people with chains & darkness until God judges them on his time+ I curse you evil to darkness +

Bert Gines

15.01.2022 07:16

The wicked people have a chance to keep all their money and power only if they decide to change before it's too late. I don't know what it is, but something dark is here now from a spirit world. Pray+

Bonita Chavez

15.01.2022 00:11

When you said Bert that the poor of God's people will become rich, and the evil rich will become poor or worse. I believe you! I can see it coming! I believe God is about to punish the evil doers soon

Bert Gines

14.01.2022 08:02

God bless you all. I love you all. Please be mindful of your comments you postπŸ™ This site is to get people closer to the LORD. Revenge is not what this site is, or about. Uplift each other in Jesus +

It might be your last hour. be careful. Choices!

14.01.2022 06:12

Man many people are happy doing sinful shit for that dollar bill. It was my past until the devil tried to take my life twice! He couldn't get me but he took people I knew. Satan will turn on you fast

The tables always turn when least expected 🀣

14.01.2022 05:11

Small humans jump up fast when the devil's worker's hits your cellπŸ“± with a target, text🎯, or call. Nothing πŸ€ͺ last forever, they forgot to tell you curse be to you too, ah naw πŸ€‘πŸ˜‚ it comes back 2 U

Clifford L

14.01.2022 05:42

πŸ˜‚ it ain't funny but true πŸ˜… you can only serve evil so long until God steps in. That's when satan close his doors and leave you out to dry buddyπŸ˜… Don't play around with God or his anointed servants

Jesus gave me the authority and powers to do!

14.01.2022 01:36

In the name of Jesus Christ, I Command you wicked spirits of evil who have been sent to Bert Gines & others, to go back to your senders & destroy everything they have for 50 years, I curse you, now go

Marcel Mitchell Let Us All Come Together As 1

14.01.2022 00:39

I come into agreement 🀝 I too curse any evil person who comes against bert gines with no more wealth and much darkness in jesus name. I pary that their bloodline will be forgiven by god. Pray for all

Wanda P. Mixed black woman of Jesus Christ

14.01.2022 00:50

Lord please hurry up and come get these wicked ass people who try to keep us distracted by evil πŸ‚#@! Bless your people with much health and wealth while we wait for you my Lord in jesus πŸ’ž christ πŸ™

Larissa Montoya Let's all curse the wicked πŸ–€

14.01.2022 00:18

Mr Bert we met yesterday thanks for the message and this website. I now understand why evil people don't like you. I curse these evil people with no more wealth and darkness forever in Jesus name!

Matthew J

14.01.2022 00:25

I curse the bloodline of any evil people with much suffering and darkness who comes against Bert Gines in Jesus Christ name! So be it done infinity βœ…

The Lord is my shepherd I curse the wicked

11.01.2022 01:38

People who do evil to others for money πŸ’° or because they worship darkness need to be cursed and removed from God's people in this world. I wish God would lay down his heavy hand on them! smite them!

Bert Gines

11.01.2022 03:39

Father God in heaven I get down on my knees and ask you to fight the fights seen or unseen for all your people. Vengeance is Yours! Bless your people everyday in this world And the next, in Jesus name

Matthew J

11.01.2022 00:48

Here's how it's done βœ… Oh Lord God in Jesus name, I if it is your will and say so, I this very hour place a curse on the wicked people and spirits on this earth for 500 years. I give them all darkness

I'm not perfect, but love Jesus Christ my Lord

11.01.2022 00:20

I curse every evil household and businesses this very hour with the dark demons they so love! Go give them back what they have given to others of their past evil works. I wish for this or more now.

Clarissa V

11.01.2022 00:39

I won't be calling any demons. I will ask God πŸ™ in Jesus name to curse those of wicked secrets of sins on this world with punishment by taking away all their money and wealth πŸ€‘ for all their sins.

A. Tran, I am now a man of Jesus Christ forever

10.01.2022 04:18

Hi brother bert. I met you last week in the parking lot with my wife. Thank you for the message and this website. I curse anyone around this world who comes against bert & us who believe in Jesus Amen

Samantha Ng

10.01.2022 03:51

Thanks for sharing this Bert 😸 I'm going to use my writing and mind powers to help many people of Jesus and curse all the wicked people off this planet. Sounds harsh, but I can't wait till evil falls

Pham Y

10.01.2022 04:38

Please God bless my country πŸ’•πŸ™ and the united states with your holy angels πŸ˜‡ I ask you my jesus to take all the wealth of many evil people now so they can do no more harm to us. Jesus we love πŸ’•πŸ˜˜

Brandon j

07.01.2022 05:50

Good is a choice of being good. Evil is a choice for being evil. However you choose to live your life is up to you. While on earth and after, you reap what you sow and that's it. I choose Jesus Christ

Bert Gines I love You All In Jesus Christ Name

07.01.2022 03:45

I have a very powerful vision that God's angel's will cover and protect all of God's people while these events of darkness take place for awhile People of Christ Jesus keep living a normal life of God

Nathaniel B

07.01.2022 03:51

Thank you Bert for the word's of hope and courage to keep seeking and obeying our lord Jesus Christ everyday. I'm not afraid of dying for heavens gates. I will live to know my Lord and help all!

Gabrielle J.

07.01.2022 03:09

Something dark is coming over part's of this world by evil spirits and some people think Satan will spare there souls for their obedience in not serving Jesus. I pray it not too late to go to God

Evil πŸ‘€ s close, darkness falls on the wicked πŸ–€

07.01.2022 02:46

The devil told them. The title & power I give you will destroy the weak we don't need. The devil 😈 didn't tell them that they too are weak obedient followers he will soon destroy as well Time is near

We Bind Satan Up In Chains Again In Jesus Name

06.01.2022 23:11

Satan you gained many followers by giving gifts to your followers and their friends, You showered the world with disease, because you know your time is coming to an end, curse be to you in chains amen

Mario M. My mom died from this evil disease I curs

07.01.2022 01:51

I pray in Jesus name that God will send us his holy angels to seek out and rid of these wicked people and their evil spirit they live with! I pray the wicked get back what they have been giving others

L D Harrison

06.01.2022 19:46

When the Lord πŸ™ takes all of us who belongs to his spirit in Jesus name I am happy and joyful thinking about this everyday! When the wicked are taken everyday, I rejoice! Live for God and each other.

You Will Soon Reap What You Sow In Jesus Name

06.01.2022 19:07

To hell with evil spirits evil people who love this world and things given to them by satan. I wish God would smite them down soon! Satan already has their weak soul they traded for worldly wealth πŸ€‘

M. Kawasaki

06.01.2022 19:20

Forget about these people. God will handle them and Satan behind the scenes. We need to be focusing on bringing our brother and sisters back to Christ. We need to use our powers given us everyday amen

Antwan Holmes Yours Truly

06.01.2022 10:22

I come in agreement Jesus that you will curse the wicked of this world seen and unseen for 5000 years of fire and darkness this very hour. So be It done forever more until they repent in your name JC.

Malcolm Peterson

06.01.2022 03:43

I bless all of God's people in this world with plenty of health wealth and wisdom of the holy spirit of the lord. I pray that God πŸ™ will destroy the evil doers soon in Jesus. Come in agreement 🀝

Barbara J

06.01.2022 03:27

I bind up every evil person that comes against us in Jesus name amen. I forgive my evil enemies but I curse their money and evil spirits in them to heavens prison and chains forever and ever amen.

I Curse All Evil Spirits and People Of Evil Done

05.01.2022 22:08

No disrespect to you Mr Bert. God gave me powers to turn evil spirits against the evil doers.I am going to until the day I die in jesus name. My powers and understanding is getting stronger everyday.

Lizette M

05.01.2022 22:24

I agree with this person 100 percent. We should all start using their evil powers and magic against them in Jesus. I send back every evil spirit back to flesh house of the people from which they came.

Bert Gines

05.01.2022 21:30

Please πŸ™ don't send powers and commands in all different directions! You maybe harming people related to this person who is not evil but only related by blood! Send it to a person or group names only

I curse every evil eyes hidden with darkness & dea

05.01.2022 04:12

For me, I curse every evil eye that's in this world right now. I curse all evil spirits and people with 1000 year's of total destruction to their existence in and out of this world now in Jesus name!

Kathleen Peterson

03.01.2022 05:57

Keep spreading God's word and works brother Bert. We will pray the hell out of these people for you as you do for us. These evil people are no match for the blood of Jesus! They will fall down. Amen

Bert Gines

03.01.2022 10:44

God's angel's have heard your voices and commands. All I know is that the hidden evil one's who love evils are about to get a wakeup call from heaven and hell at the same time. I pray for their souls

Pedro Morales

03.01.2022 02:40

Thank you for talking with me at the store bert. I didn't expect the conversation! Man, God is good. I was sent a text message by an online app to look at you πŸ˜ƒ God sent me to the right person! You!

Juan Lopez Mexican of Jesus Christ

03.01.2022 05:45

Homie I wrecked my car fucking with that online app looking for drivers with same day pay they would tell us to stop and buy beer knowing that we would get thirsty they paid my car and tent fuck them


03.01.2022 04:12

I come into agreement with you Kelsey in Jesus Christ name! I command you evil spirits to go back to your evil bodies you live in and give hell to Satans followers. So mote it be! Now go! It's written

Kelsey Smith

03.01.2022 04:00

You tell us Bert not to curse people unless we know the people are evil. I brother curse all these evil online people who bother us with pain and suffering by the evil spirits in them it's done 100 JC

Kenny O.

03.01.2022 03:20

Just like Jesus the evil spirits in people use them to try to stop God's work given to Bert to help us. Satan time is coming up soon and he knows it. I curse all of his evil worker's with darkness now

Latisha S.

03.01.2022 03:10

I was told to go buy a small items and sometimes return them but to make sure I looked at a person in uniform in order to collect 🀣 what kind of shit are these evil people on! My Lord smite them off

Bert Gines

03.01.2022 03:02

Too funny πŸ˜‚ please send me your email and a screenshot of the appπŸ˜‚ We would like to see it. God bless you and your family. Many blessings to all of God's people in this world. Change is coming soon.

Galena Q

02.01.2022 01:37

In 2022 and forever. I pray in Jesus name that the evil spirits in the wicked people around the world will return to the people it lives with and destroy their wealth!

Bert Gines

02.01.2022 04:45

Please don't pray πŸ™ for their down fall unless you know for sure they are wicked at hearts. Lets ask Jesus to forgive them 1st as we should. Anything else is their own doing and cause of Good or bad.

Catalina L

31.12.2021 00:07

I now understand what you mean when you said that I'm a very powerful person when the devil is afraid of my holy powers and walk with the Lord! I am a powerful blessed woman in Jesus name. I am power!

Bert Gines

31.12.2021 00:33

You're absolutely right. Look for good. All It takes is one family member to curse a family bloodline when doing evil against God's people on any given day. Do good & live holy while you wait 4 Jesus.

Leona Williams

28.12.2021 00:18

Thank you so much for the talk Bert. Now I understand why people write or tell false lies on your name, it's the devil in these people that bribe them with money. You, and us all belong to God! Amen!

Bert Gines

30.12.2021 01:24

Blessings to you all. The devil has no loyalty to any human. Many of God's people will be okay here on this earth while others will; well it's not too late to turn things around for better days ahead.

Jim V.

21.12.2021 01:45

Hey Bert, Jim here brother. Call me when you're free. Have some questions on how to use the power of words and writing. Good things have been happening for me! Call me bro. Thanks

Gary McMillan

14.12.2021 17:29

The devil is working overtime on the people he controls. Some will do anything for a few money dollars nowadays. We all know that at some point in life you get back what you give. Good or bad. Choices

Tabatha J.

14.12.2021 03:30

This is amazing 😍 I've been using the I powers and destroying the paper like you said Mr Bert. Amazing things have been happening! Thank you, and God bless you my friend. In Jesus Christ holy name.

Bert Gines

15.12.2021 22:09

Sorry for the late reply everyone. God bless you all and your families! SEEK (look for God words), KNOCK ( Ask for his presents and blessings while you wait) Ask for wisdom and knowledge. Riches come!

Marcela Rodriguez

12.12.2021 21:16

Thank you bert for speaking to me the other day in the store with my family. God sent you right on time! My eyes are now open after coming to this website you said God created here for the believers.

Latest comments

21.11 | 02:36

I want to thank God for you Bert. I've been writing things down on paper every night. Amazing thing's have been coming to us every other day now. God bless us all in Jesus Christ. Amen

07.11 | 05:05

GOD I ask you to bless bert gines everyday as he goes out into this world to bless people with your messages and powers. I thank you God for choosing me to be apart of your holy spirit! We love you JC

28.10 | 04:10

Good or evil. I love all people in this world. I forgive πŸ™ known, or unknown people against me doing God's work delivering messages and casting down evils & releasing people from curses. I β™₯ U All

28.10 | 02:44

You are a blessing to us πŸ‘ͺ in Jesus name! My writing my wants on paper has been a great experience Bert! I keep having this feeling that God is about to punish those who don't like you helping others

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