Anna S. Sanchez

15.09.2022 22:48

Hello Bert. I want to thank you so much for the help! Everything i wrote on the paper and burned it as you instructed exposed my husband's hidden secrets. I give glory to God, his spirit, & angels

Randy Kalahari

11.09.2022 05:22

I was right at the point of giving up on my life until the lord spoke to me through you πŸ™ I can't thank you enough! I know that God has work for me and my family. Like you stated; god is my supply

Regina Factoran

07.09.2022 21:56

Hey Bert, I have not been onto your website for a while and it looks like you continue to do great work. May God continue to bless you and keep you free and able to do God's work.

Maricruz West

05.09.2022 04:06

I’m very Blessed to meet you Mr.Bert!
I stand in agreement with you let Yeshua remove the dark trinity out of my Family out of my daughter, out all prison institutions, and the world.Amen!

The Peterson family of Jesus Christ

29.08.2022 21:13

We love you Bert! I thank God for using you to deliver messages. Right after you removed any Curse's, you blessed me and my family at Burlington. The shadows in our home are no longer seen by our son!

Bruce and Tammy H.

25.08.2022 22:25

Hi Bert we met at the Northgate store two weeks ago. God is blessing us greatly. We really appreciated you blessing us! How can I do what your doing to help people? I'm a fast learner. God bless you t

Tiffany J

23.08.2022 18:07

Thank you so much Mr Bert! I've been working on my powers from Jesus Christ to manifest and it's been so amazing! Writing things on paper really works for my family and friends. Very happy we met you

Steven Ortega

23.08.2022 01:00

I wanted to say thank you bert for breaking that curse on me and my family bloodline. Many great things have been coming to us lately. I will keep asking and blessing others like you said we could. Ty

Bert Gines

23.08.2022 03:51

God is good! If you have anyone who needs a prayer πŸ™ or needs a curse broken that has been placed on them, or the car they drive by me, or someone else. Bring them to me. I'll Break & bless them ALL

Joshua Montoya

07.08.2022 20:29

When you blessed my wife on her right hand, I thought πŸ’­πŸ€” this guy is full of it. Her doctor told her that her spinal is completely healed and can't explain it. I wanted to say forgive me! God bless

Mary Sanderson

23.07.2022 22:19

Like you Mr Bert I have this good feeling that God is about to punish those of wickedness I strongly feel he's about to bless all of his people in this world amen brother! I thank God for this website

Ronnie V

19.07.2022 04:34

I will be doing my prayers for the world and people everyday. Many politicians worship a title and money. In the end we reap what we sow. Lord Jesus let the wicked be defeated in your name πŸ™

Bert Gines

13.07.2022 23:57

You're welcome. Use your POWER'S WISELY! You can bless or CURSE. Evil can't curse GOD'S PEOPLE! It returns to them when they try. But you can touch the wicked one's 1000 fold if ever needed. FSH+

Lou Tran

13.07.2022 20:22

Me and family want to thank you my friend Bert I don't believe in God before I met you. Everything I wrote on paper is coming to us as you said! God bless you always and forever more Bert!

Bert Gines

03.07.2022 21:23

Those Who trust in this world and their riches πŸ’° alone will reap what they sow. These evil spirits will attack mind's & bodies of the unholy! Land's as well πŸ™ PRAY! IN JESUS NAME! IT'S PROTECTION!πŸ™

Carmen Delaney

03.07.2022 20:28

Me and my family thank you Bert for your kind heart and help. I now understand what you mean about the evil spirit world has been opened by a few evil people playing God. Jesus please protect us amen.

Arnold Henderson

03.07.2022 06:49

Like you bert. I bless those who bless gods people. I curse all those who are against gods people. I pray god will come for the evil spirits and evil doer's soon in Jesus name. God bless all of us. Ty

Bert Gines

30.06.2022 17:54

Thank you Esteban. Please don't speak πŸ™ŠπŸ•³οΈπŸ—£οΈ to anyone about what we discussed or the prayer performed!!!!! Everything is In the past and God's holy hands+ enjoy your new life ahead with your family

Esteban and Veronica Y

30.06.2022 03:47

Thank you for breaking the curse and forgiving us both mr bert we were given a rental car and GPS instructions to drive for cash. God bless you sir it was great meeting with you Jesus is king and love

Narayan V.

28.06.2022 17:39

I want to thank you so very much for taking the time to speak to me when I really needed someone to talk to the other day. May God keep us in his hands forever. Thanks for this website! It's helping!

Bert Gines

26.06.2022 05:53

I πŸ™πŸ‘οΈβœοΈ pray and ask that you oh LORD my God in Jesus Christ holy name that you will have mercy on the wicked before your angels arrive! Give all of your people power's to do all things in Christ+

Shawn T

26.06.2022 05:31

I am not looking for a date like this beautiful lady im sure she is. I wanted to say thank you loved 1. What you said is taking place and its scary im believe in Christ after some of the things happen

Bert Gines

26.06.2022 05:45

I thank & love you all! Good is coming to the good and just soon πŸ”œ Get away from the wicked one's now! Family or friends! The visit from God's angels is near with anger for their sin's against God!!!

Magdalena Lopez

25.06.2022 08:46

Hello to you Mr Bert. I want to thank you for giving me the message and this website. Things have greatly improved after we met. I would like to invite you to have dinner with me if you're interested

Fernando Dominguez and my family in Christ

25.06.2022 05:20

Hi Bert. I heard a lot of negative things about you. I met you in person and realized that these people are very evil because God has called on you to help others. You're a very good man of God. Ty

Shelley K.

24.06.2022 01:56

Thank you bert! That prayer you had us repeat with you worked! We found out everything this guy was stealing from our business in one week! We want to talk with you sooner than later my friend ❀️

Kyle C.

23.06.2022 04:07

Hey Bert I and my wife will like to thank you for the message you gave her. We will like to invite you to our home for dinner. We are writing things on paper! It really works! Contact us anytime Kyle

Maria Miller

11.06.2022 03:03

Hi Mr. Gines, hope you are doing well. May God continΓΊe to bless you and your family. Give me a call sometime.


11.06.2022 03:02

Hi Bert, hope you are well. Blessings. πŸ’›

Jermaine Montoya

06.06.2022 09:43

Their is no way for for drugs to keep coming to america without the help of traitors! I ask God to expose all of them of evil works on the devil's payroll in usa! Help us Jesus

Marshawn Patterson

04.06.2022 23:19

Thanks Mr Bert. I have gotten more results from the mirror than my writing. My business has picked up 300 percent after our brief encounter. I'll keep asking God about my powers and path.

Marissa Gomez

01.06.2022 00:58

I love that flyer you posted on the police eating dinner with the public people! We need this more often then none. God bless the police who serves and protect us from evil people everywhere in the US

Jeffrey Hernandez

29.05.2022 04:14

I've been trying this writing thing bert. I can testify that you know what you're talking about. Thanks for the brief teaching god sent you to teach me. Jesus Christ will bring my family back to me.

Tammy Peterson & My husband Frank P.

20.05.2022 06:32

This is crazy to us! Everything you told us has been happening as if it's a movie night my husband has a gift we bought! When can we meet up again in jesus name Bert? Thank you and God bless you sir

Mario Valdez

15.05.2022 03:15

Thank you so much for the the message bert! It was all gods will and timing that he used your voice to answer my prayers brother! This website information is god sent for sure. I will serve the lord

Ruth Macintyre family of christ jesus

12.05.2022 06:22

We love you too Bert πŸ’— we ask God πŸ™ to bless all the men and women who wear any kind of uniform to help protect our persons and freedoms. We curse evils that comes against you all in jesus name. πŸ™Œ

Bert Gines

09.05.2022 05:52

I want to say thank you all for reaching out. I love you all πŸ™ we have powers of the mirror & pen to to do many great things in Christ Jesus name πŸ™ πŸ—£οΈ speak it into your life! + God Is ( I Am ) JC

Bert Gines

09.05.2022 06:24

All those who sends Good to me, I bless your family bloodlines forever ♾️ Evils sent to me by evil people, I send it back to you & your bloodlines times 1000 in Jesus name until you repent πŸ™ so be it

Devon Watson family of Christ

09.05.2022 03:48

Brother Bert. Thank you for the message to me and my family man! Good things been happening everytime I write down something. We invite you to dinner at our home if you can come brother. Ty GB

Juan Carlos family

01.05.2022 05:50

God is good brother bret. you call me? We met at the Burlington parking lot with my family. I just opened that business you spoke to me! Many bless keep coming us. my english is not to good. Call us !

Trevor McWilliams

30.04.2022 19:43

Thanks Bert for the message. I will seek god. I will use my writing to bless myself family others. I will use the power of writing to expose these crooked as people as well 😎 it really works amen. Ty

Thomas McKinley

26.04.2022 01:04

Wow this power of mind and writing really works my man this is scary but in a good way praise the lord! Me and my family pray for you everyday brother god bless you more bert plus the world itself

Tammy Beck

21.04.2022 18:06

God was right on time! I thank you for using mr. bert to give me a sign that you heard my prayer πŸ™ Please use me lord the way you use bert. I am ready to do my part for you in the kingdom

Kenneth D

21.04.2022 08:01

Thanks bert everything i have been writing down on paper has been coming to me can I call you in the morning to discuss the many great things that has been happening to me ☺️ thank you brother bert!

Shanice Williams

18.04.2022 22:49

I've been using the mirror when I pray. I've been talking to god about my request and powers. The most amazing things have been happening to our family every week! Ty god for giving bert your works ty

Bert Gines

17.04.2022 22:53

Happy Easter to you all in Jesus Christ name. Thank you all for your prayers πŸ™. God is about to show everyone that money is not power but influence. All Will See With Your Own πŸ‘οΈ Enjoy your LORDβœοΈπŸ™

P. J.Azam

17.04.2022 17:54

Thank you Bert. We ask God to keep blessing you. We ask God to destroy all evil people; places who comes against you and God's work giving to you in Jesus name amen. Jesus is good to all

J. Hopkins

14.04.2022 02:42

Since you've given me this stone. I have been running into some very welcoming luck or blessings. It's making me lean more into god as you said I should. Thank you for this eye opener. I needed this.

Kimberly V.

10.04.2022 01:07

Thank you so much bert! I asked the angels to save me from my ex. I wrote it on paper last week and was told he's been arrested on some high charges! Nothing with me 🀣 bless you always ❀️

Bert Gines

01.02.2022 05:06

It's always good at heart to believe a wicked person will be set free from evil spirits and people surrounding their life. Lets pray πŸ™ & hope God will help them if they choose to want help in Jesus!

Jennifer Maldonado

31.01.2022 21:25

Great stuff Bert. I understand what you mean now. Understand satans tricks so that I don't get tricked out of my riches or into sins by minds & mouths he controls. I thank God for this information πŸ™

I wish health, wealth, peace ✌️ to 1s of God

28.01.2022 07:37

Thanks Bert. Very exciting and helpful against evil doer's as well as satanic spirit's controlling people's minds and bodies. I curse evil doer's with 10 years of darkness + chains, now in Jesus name!

My words shall not come back to me void

27.01.2022 09:28

It is written this very day & hour, all wicked eyes who cross paths with God's people, I curse for 10 years of dark days & poverty both flesh & evil spirit inside. So be it done. This or more, Amen πŸ™

Latest comments

21.11 | 02:36

I want to thank God for you Bert. I've been writing things down on paper every night. Amazing thing's have been coming to us every other day now. God bless us all in Jesus Christ. Amen

07.11 | 05:05

GOD I ask you to bless bert gines everyday as he goes out into this world to bless people with your messages and powers. I thank you God for choosing me to be apart of your holy spirit! We love you JC

28.10 | 04:10

Good or evil. I love all people in this world. I forgive πŸ™ known, or unknown people against me doing God's work delivering messages and casting down evils & releasing people from curses. I β™₯ U All

28.10 | 02:44

You are a blessing to us πŸ‘ͺ in Jesus name! My writing my wants on paper has been a great experience Bert! I keep having this feeling that God is about to punish those who don't like you helping others

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