04.05.2016 02:24

I AM! I AM! Thank you burt. I have tears of joy right now knowing my life will be better soon for me and my family sir. God sent you!

Oscar Morales

01.05.2016 07:25

Thank you bert. I can and I will from now on my new friend.

Daren M.

30.04.2016 18:26

I AM Going to be a rich great business man helping myself and others before I leave this Earth.

Kevin J

30.04.2016 18:10

Wow! Thank you for taking the time with me Bert. God bless us all.

Ceclle B.

26.04.2016 17:57

Thank you so kindly. I owe the IRS nothing now. The $50k was dropped to $1300 in 3 weeks without paperwork or a lawyer! I'm getting better with my words and praying for power in words!


24.04.2016 05:42

Wonderful information

David Wells

13.04.2016 07:52

I feared others all my 28 years. I don't know why I was having these feelings. You opened my eyes tonight at the store. I will never forget you. I will fear only GOD from now on! Thank you Bert G.

gary moore

11.04.2016 06:57

I needed that message you gave me today mr bert I will follow my mind and spirit from this day on thank you so very much brother can I share this website with others in my family

Julie Hudson

09.04.2016 08:07

I now have a reason to live!!!! Thank you for the message from heaven. I now know i am someone great... Gos bless you burt. I feel alive again


04.04.2016 17:53

Very interesting info thank you for sharing

Peter H.

03.04.2016 09:05

God bless you bert!
We thank you again for today!
I am a man of power heaven.

Maria Maldonado

26.03.2016 03:40

I just want to say to you Burt thank you so very much! I thank GOD for my 2nd chance to live.
I have that home you told me to write about. I will say no more! I love you!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!

Robert Terrell Rackley

07.02.2016 05:02

Than you so very much Bert. I truly value and appreciate the opportunity and the moments I have taken to receive these powerful messages. This is kismet.

Luis Vasquez

05.02.2016 00:14

Thanks boss man for Sharing this with me it's has really put things in perspective and I really big eye opener..... It has made my day too read all this powerful words. Thanks again Bert.

Patty Gomez

29.01.2016 06:11

My eyes are now open!!!! Thank you very much Mr. Bert. I will never forget what you told me! I will tell no one!! God bless the world for love and faith...

terrell simmons

29.01.2016 06:23

I want the power that God gave bert :) i'll never forget what he shared with me last week at a store parking lot!!!!!!

Cathy Lee Guis

24.01.2016 07:25

You are a beautiful man inside :)
Thank you for sharing this with me on my Google page Bert. God be with you always.


20.01.2016 09:13

Bert this Is Rich from 7-11 I'm actually getting to read this WEB Page you know this year is a tough one I'm telling you and I'm up for the challenges so I can do this. I hope to read and learn this.

Dorothea Dunagan

15.01.2016 20:46

My son is back home with us and doing well Bert. He has been on your website everyday now. Ricky; if you're on here today I want you to know that mom and dad love you so very much! Jesus is love son.

Juan Lopez

30.12.2015 08:11

I started the writing last month. I now have 4 things I put on my list last month. Thank you so very much. God bless

Jesse Beckoner

20.12.2015 18:39

This is a real eye opener Bert gianes.
Where did you get this info?
I'm going to start writing right now.

Sean Hence

20.12.2015 18:27

I was told about this website today.
I don't believe what people feed me when it comes to Jesus.
This website I believe will help me start believing I can change my words and lifestyle. Thank you.

Latest comments

21.11 | 02:36

I want to thank God for you Bert. I've been writing things down on paper every night. Amazing thing's have been coming to us every other day now. God bless us all in Jesus Christ. Amen

07.11 | 05:05

GOD I ask you to bless bert gines everyday as he goes out into this world to bless people with your messages and powers. I thank you God for choosing me to be apart of your holy spirit! We love you JC

28.10 | 04:10

Good or evil. I love all people in this world. I forgive 🙏 known, or unknown people against me doing God's work delivering messages and casting down evils & releasing people from curses. I ♥ U All

28.10 | 02:44

You are a blessing to us 👪 in Jesus name! My writing my wants on paper has been a great experience Bert! I keep having this feeling that God is about to punish those who don't like you helping others

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